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Four bodies of work are highlighted here. The first has a rock/fish theme. As a girl I hiked into the high Sierra Mountains. One of my strongest memories is of catching trout early in the morning, banging their heads on rocks, cleaning them, grilling them over an open fire and eating them. The meat was astoundingly tender and sweet. The whole experience made me feel wonderfully alive and one with Nature. All of the rock forms actually exist in Topanga, where I live, or in Joshua Tree, where I have visited. The rocks work as a structure to present the fish and other imagery.

My friend, Sandra, had an overstuffed, velvet easy chair. I was crazy over this chair! She ended up giving it to me. The chair became like the rocks, and served as a stage to show other imagery. This was a very domestic period of my life. The chair symbolizes the comforts of home.

My friend, Victoria, makes outrageously gorgeous food,  from simple bowls of fruit to elaborately prepared platters. She inspires a rich field of food paintings.

The water work came after the death of my father. He was a very powerful patriarch. His absence was profound. The whole family felt adrift, lost, and uneasy. 

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